Detroit Can Do Camp

July 29, 2010

The goal of Detroit Can Do Camp is to provide ample opportunity for makers to get to know each other and look at some of the new opportunities emerging in Detroit.  

  9:30 am - Registration

10:00 am - Welcome

  • Marc Greuther, Chief Curator, Henry Ford Museum
And, a special welcome and greeting by Dan Carmody, President, The Eastern Market

10:30 am - Resources for Makers

  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Gary Schoeniger, Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
  • Starting a new business in Michigan, Craig Wilson, State of Michigan
  • Making Connections, Dave Linabury, Social Media Director, Campbell-Ewald

11:30 am - The Hands-on Imperative

Maker Faire Founder Dale Dougherty talks about the ideas and values that are shaping maker culture.  One of them is the Hands-on Imperative, which originates with the Hacker Ethic at MIT in the late sixties.   Getting our hands on things is how we understand what they are and how they work, and also how we make them do what we want.   Makers are getting their hands on all kinds of new technology and discovering new applications.   Increasingly, we even talk about getting our hands on data or our own DNA. 

12:00 pm - Lunch

Handcrafted healthy, local, organic and tasty food created by Chef Angela Newsom of Detroit Evolution.

1:00 pm - Citizen Commerce: How real people can shape the economy

Jules Pieri, founder of Daily Grommet, talks about how Citizen Commerce (sibling of Citizen Journalism) is a growing movement with the power to disrupt 65% of the US economy -- and what it means to anyone starting a business based on making things.

1:30 pm - Makers and the Military 

Southeast Michigan boasts a deep talent pool of scientists, researchers and engineers. Their forefathers are the people that put the world on wheels and armed the WWII’s Arsenal of Democracy. Today, the U.S. military, businesses and academic institutions are working together on a new economic future for the country. And Makers can play a key role.

  • Moderator Paul Skalny – U.S. Army National Automotive Center
  • Dr. Gerhard Schmidt - Ford Motor Co. (Large Business)
  • Dr. Grace Bochenek - U.S. Army Tank, Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (Military)
  • Dr. Subrata Sengupta - (Academic)
  • Aaron Crumm - Adaptive Materials (Small Business)
  • Ken Rogers - Automation Alley (Connections)

3:00 pm - 3:15pm - Detroit 2.0 

K. Venkatesh Prasad, Ford Motor Co.
Mark Hatch, TechShop

What if Detroit's capacity of factory spaces, automobile proving grounds, specialized manufacturing equipment and enormous intellectual concentration could get re-purposed and re-wired and be made available to auto “makers,” not just the Big-3 or the Big-6, but the “Small Millions?” Then the millions of us small or individual “auto makers,” inventors & doers, would have physical or virtual access to boundless tools, garages, talent, teachers --  when and where they were needed.  Detroit could become the desired destination of hobbyists, entrepreneurs and businesses big and small.

Detroit 2.0 is the re-making of the Motor City to become the cradle of a new generation of creativity built on shared space, shared toolkits, shared platforms and most importantly shared human intelligence, energy and zeal to create the next Great Lake of jobs, commerce, industry, and yes, education for the 21st century.

Detroit 2.0 is about making Detroit an exciting place for children of all ages and the maker in all of us (the auto maker). This program could host exchange or summer students from the world over. In addition to the in-classroom learning, these students would get unmatched access to a complete set of local resources, such as garage space, tool kits, computing platforms and senior mentors --- to re-create themselves and to re-wire Detroit for the 21st century.

Detroit 2.0, through another lens, is the next big app of social-networks, only this time these would be cyber-physical social-networks.  The individual auto makers, the small millions, could be anywhere, developing prototypes using computer-aided-design tools and their socially networked friends could be in Detroit. They could complete physical prototype builds, test them out in physical proving grounds before virtually shipping re-designed parts to a distributed Detroit 2.0 cyber-physical lab. Exciting mash-ups of data and human intelligence could yield the as yet unseen --- high precision machines for everything, Green-X, Bio-X & Transportation-X to name just a few.

Makers of the world, are we ready? Detroit is!

3:15 pm - 3:30pm -  Dewayne Hendricks: My Journey Through Space and Time

My talk will follow various stops along my personal journey as a native of Detroit, from my days as a student at Cass Technical High School, to working on Bucky Fuller's 'World Game' in Carbondale, Illinois.  Next stop after this was Silicon Valley, where I became a serial entrepreneur, part of which entailed deploying wireless networks all over the world, and that later earned me the title of the 'Broadband Cowboy' from 'Wired Magazine'.

3:30 - 3:45 - Afternoon Break

3:45 - 4:30 - New Ways of Working

Hackerspaces such as I3 Detroit, co-working spaces such as WorkanTile Exchange, TechBrewery and A2 MechShop plus potential newcomers such as TechShop offer new ways to work together, sharing ideas as well as resources.
  • Dale Grover - A2 Mechshop,  a co-engineering workspace in Ann Arbor
  • Nick Britsky - I3 Detroit, a hackerspace in Ferndale
  • Dug Song - TechBrewery, a co-working space for startups in Ann Arbor & A2 Geeks
  • Jeff Sturges - OmniCorp Detroit.  A hackerspace in Eastern Market 
  • Mike Kessler - Workantile Exchange, Ann Arbor
  • Bilal Ghalib -- AHA Hackerspace, Ann Arbor

4:30 - 5:15pm - Maker Preview

See what some of the makers are bringing to Maker Faire Detroit.
  • Andrew Sliwinski - OmniCorpDetroit / o2 Creative Solutions
  • John Barrie - Appropriate Technology Design
  • Timothy Marzullo - Backyard Brains
  • Andre Renier - Director, WEC Institute, Inc.
  • Lish Dorset - Handmade Detroit
  • Patrick Crouch - Earthworks
  • Thomas E Wilmoth - Energy Extraction Technologies
  • Sarah Hodsdon, Sarah-n-dipitous Designs

5:15 - 6:00 pm - A Culture of Open Innovation, Tim O'Reilly & Lesa Mitchell

Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media and Lesa Mitchell of the Kauffman Foundation will talk about fostering innovation and finding new opportunities in the current economy. 

6:00  -  Talking Shop

Let's just talk shop.  We'll provide beer and light food.  Treats from Zingerman's Roadhouse, Zingerman's Bakehouse and Zingerman's Candy Company, compliments of Maker Works.

Motor City Beer
provided by TechShop.